2019: Shake the Box! – Alternative ways of participation

When one talks about participation, one assumes that vulnerable youth is not active, their contribution to society being denied or invisible. However, in Youth Express Network, we believe that vulnerable youth has a lot of potential.

Through our 2019 Work Plan, we wanted to bring together different layers of society together to claim that vulnerable youth’s participation is real, effective and promising. This project was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, and the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


The main aim of this year Work Plan was to empower young people from vulnerable groups in making their participation in European society recognised, valued and appreciated.


  • To develop the capacity of member organisations in supporting participation of young people from vulnerable groups in European society;
  • To engage young people from vulnerable groups in local and European activities in order to become more active and confident;
  • To develop competences of young people from vulnerable groups in advocating for the recognition and value of their participation;
  • To inspire young people from vulnerable groups, member organisations and stakeholders to work together by discovering best practices, local realities and alternative ways of participation in society;
  • To involve stakeholders to actively take part in all stages of the project in order to raise their awareness about the value of participation of vulnerable young people in European society.


LOCAL PHASE 1: Each member/partner organisation involved in the project gathered a delegation composed of a youth/social worker and a group of 3 young people from vulnerable group(s) willing to work on the project.

Seminar for Youth and Social Workers

This activity took place in Oviedo, Spain, in June 2019. It focused on building the capacity of youth organisations towards youth participation, alternative ways of participation and involvement of different stakeholders in local actions in order to introduce the process of the project.

LOCAL PHASE 2: Each youth/social worker involved in the seminar then started to work with the group of young people on researching, analysing the needs and issues of the local community and involved at least another stakeholder concerned by this issue to develop an action plan.

Training course for Young People

This training took place in Berlin, Germany, in August 2019. It allowed the youth involved in the local phases to improve their capacity to advocate for their active participation in society and develop their competences towards a better implementation and perceptibility of their initiative.

LOCAL PHASE 3: The local teams implememented their action/event/campaign etc. together, using the elements from the international activities to increase the quality and visibility of the initiative.

Evaluation meeting

This activity took place in Strasbourg, France, in November 2019. It was dedicated to all the people involved in the project to evaluate the process and the results of their local actions together and with their European peers. They also were able to have perspectives by opening a dialogue with European decision-makers.

Other Projects

KA2* – Capacity Building in the field of Youth

This project aimed at developping innovative complementary pathways for boosting employability of young people through social youth entrepreneurship and providing them with tools for cultural entrepreneurship in particular. The partners came from Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Lithuania, Mexico and Vietnam.

Partners: Fundación Sustentabilidad, Educación y Solidaridad (Argentina), Active Bulgarian Society (Bulgaria), Youth Express Network(France), Business & Innovation Center of Serres (Greece), « Active Youth » association (Lithuania), Iniciativas Internacionales para la Cooperación (Mexico), Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru (Peru) and Center for Sustainable Development Studies (Vietnam)

This project was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme

KA2* – Strategic Partnership for Youth – Exchanges of Practices

The aim of this strategic partnership was to experiment, share and confront practices on innovative, digital and creative methods and tools to foster youth empowerment and social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities / in vulnerable situations. It came as continuation and follow-up of “Angle It Right: New Perspectives on young people with fewer opportunities” (2016). The partners came from Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.

Partners: Active Bulgarian Society (Bulgaria), Youth Express Network (France), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Affabulazione Associazione Culturale (Italy), The Exchangeables (The Netherlands), Youropia (Spain)

This project was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme