The 25 years project

2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of the creation of Youth Express Network. A quarter of a century! We decided to make it count.

To celebrate this special anniversary, we wanted to tell our story! The story of a network and how it all started, the stories of the young people who contributed to build the network, family stories, stories of our projects, sometimes crazy ones, stories of Youth, from 1993 until now. We also wanted to put a spotlight on some of the beautiful actions of our community, and take this celebrating opportunity to initiate new actions as well!

Here is a recollection of all of the stories and actions of the 25 years project.



Who is Youth Express Network? What happened during those past 25 years? What next?
Find out everything in this 25-chapters-long beautiful story!


Brigitte_Ludmann Rui_Gomes Robert_Felix
Dirk De Vilder


Youth Express Network uses the ENTER Recommendation as a tool for advocacy on access to Social Rights for Young People.
We wanted to put a spotlight on some of those recommendations: 1 month / 1 recommendation / 1 action.

ENTER Recommendation: Promoting meaningful participation opportunities in the planning & management of their living environment