Action Day #11: Promoting Gender Equality

promote gender equality

To celebrate our 25th year acting and networking towards Social Inclusion of Young People, we wanted to put a spotlight on some of the ENTER Recommendation, a tool we often use to teach Young People about the Access of Social Rights.

ENTER Recommendation #11:
Improving gender equality (…)

The ENTER Recommendation developed by the Council of Europe suggests various measures allowing more access to social rights for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. A part of this Recommendation focuses specifically on improving gender equality of young people living in these disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

To demonstrate that it CAN be done, we chose to tell about Active Youth Association, our partner organisation for Lithuania, and their project SURF: Stand Up for Rights of Females.

SURF Project: Empowering Women

With this project, Active Youth aims at empowering women by boosting gender equality across communities in the participating countries/regions: Lithuania, Senegal, India and the Honduras. Using a training programme on “women protection & development”, the activities gathered/will gather youth workers & young leaders from EU & Partner countries for the different phases of the projects: a kick-off meeting, 3 job shadowings, 3 training courses and a final conference.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Identify the main threats and obstacles for gender equality within the participating countries.
  • Develop skills and tools for the protection and development of women´s rights.
  • Transfer these skills/tools to relevant groups (e.g. youth workers).
  • Strengthen partnership between European and non-European organizations.
  • Improve the capacity of the partners to protect and develop women´s rights.
This project was supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union