Drops from 2013! Reading about past experiences

In 2013, four international activities where organized by Youth Express Network: more than 100 young people from all around Europe were involved.

To exchange ideas, to learn methods about Social Inclusion, to fight Social Exclusion and to bring  local expertises towards a European dimension. Y-E-N crossed the borders of Europe once more and created a safe space for participants to express themselves and giving their input in the topic of Social Inclusion.

The year started with the Grundtvig Workshop: “Out of the Box: Create and re-invent your life” in Strasbourg (France).

During 7 days, 22 learners coming from 11 different countries had the opportunity to take a step back and analyse their life and themselves from a fresh perspective via experiential learning. One week of challenges, group work and individual moments in between ropes, carabins, garbage and recycled materials. The aim of the activity was to draw parallels between the materials that are reinvented for another use and the people who are looking for different opportunities in their lives. As one participant stated, “I was very impressed how my mind worked after the tasks”, a better understanding of themselves and the increase of self-esteem, were the main the outcomes of the learning process. Moreover, yes, they got out of the box!



From France …to France! In fact, the second activity of the year was held also in Strasbourg, in the European Youth Center! This time, during 7 days, 40 young people coming from urban and rural areas of 20 different countries gathered in Strasbourg (France) to participate in the Study Session : « Coaching for Inclusion: closing the gap between rural and urban youth ».

The activity explored the concept of coaching in youth work, as well as the mechanisms of social inclusion and exclusion, the challenges faced by young people in urban and rural areas in general and more specifically in relation to social inclusion. “Coaching for Inclusion” was organised by Y-E-N in cooperation with Rural Youth Europe (RYE) and the Youth department of the Council of Europe from May 26th to June 2nd.

All participants were actively involved in youth work in urban or rural areas. The partnership with Rural Youth Europe was very enriching and we hope to cooperate more in the future!


Right after May, it was the time to back and go where the sun is up and food well known as very, very good! Rome was waiting for Y-E-N!

The so longed for « Inclusion LAB: Training for Trainers towards a Youth Inclusive Europe » happened. The training course took place in Ostia (Italy) from 21st-27th June 2013 and gathered 40 youth workers coming from different European countries (Council of Europe member states). During 7 working days, participants had the opportunity to develop their competencies of trainers on social inclusion of young people and strengthen their capacity to prepare and carry out European and local training activities about inclusion. The TC was held in OSTIA, a disadvantaged neighborhood close to Rome in Italy, where Y-E-N member and host organisation, Affabulazione, works with young people. Their work was shown as an example of good practice in the field.

This project was financially supported by the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.


And last but not least, to keep the track of the sun, Y-E-N came to Spain.

The seminar “Where do you(th) belong?” is a jointly activity organised by Youth Express Network and TernYpe – International Roma Youth Network. It gathered 20 participants from 13 different countries from 23rd to 28th September 2013, in Mollina, Spain, during the 14th Edition of the University on Youth and Development. The aim of this seminar was to discuss and exchange about citizenship but seeing it from the sense of belonging to a community. Do young people with fewer opportunities perceive Europe as a community to which they belong? This seminar was designed for youth and social workers working at local level or European level with young people with fewer opportunities: young people who, due to their families’ social, economical situation or due to their background and origin are not able to enjoy a full citizenship or even to feel their European citizenship.”Where do you(th) belong?” was financed by the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission.

Since their creation, Y-E-N and TernYpe have empowered people and organisations who most need of creating ties and citizenship feeling, those who are pushed out of society for as many reasons we can think of. All the organisations composing Y-E-N and TernYpe as well as their regular partners are there for only one reason: to create a more inclusive Europe!


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