Our Vision

Y-E-N Vision 2020 : An inclusive society for young people

Youth Express Network considers inclusive society a society where young people, their needs and participation are recognized, valued and appreciated.
With the strategic plan “Vision 2020” we are trying to bring more impact and quality to our work while maintaining the focus on social inclusion of young people. This strategic document will be implemented through the activities and initiatives of Y‐E‐N and our member organizations.

This vision has as a foundation the values of human and social rights and the principles of non‐formal education, active participation, interculturality and needs centered.

Our strategic approach addresses 3 target groups:

  • young people with fewer opportunities
  • society
  • our network

Those 3 target groups represent 3 goals that we are trying to reach, each goal aiming at specific objectives that will be realised through actions in our activities and projects.

This strategic document will be regularly (at least yearly) updated by the Board and the General Assembly for approval.