Pool of Resources

Youth Express Network has a data base of resources composed by people willing to contribute to our activities in different roles (logistic, report, group training/facilitation, communication, arts…)

The data-base of resources is adopted to form the teams of Y-E-N activities and also to keep contact with qualified and experienced professionals/volunteers who are willing to join Y-E-N activities. This system will also help to better evaluate the needs to improve skills and organise trainings for trainers. Since 2011, for each Y-E-N activity, the team is recruited in the Y-E-N Pool of Resources. We only send the Calls for Teamers to the people who are already integrated in our data-base.

If you participated in a past Y-E-N activity and/or you have been always close to Y-E-N (either by being a Board member, a trainer, a facilitator, a participant…), you are a very important resource to us as you know our values and already have the experience to work with Y-E-N.
We found it very valuable to have your SAY (Share About Yourself) form and to integrate you in our pool of resources.

So, if you are interested in being more involved in Y-E-N by contributing to the elaboration of this pool of resources, please fill the on-line SAY form.

Hope to hear from you soon!

If you want to get to know some people from Y-E-N pool of resources, here you can find their profile (the list is not complete and under construction)

List of Y-E-N SAYers