Y-E-N SAYers

Olga Artsiukh
Olga_SayerI hold a Master Degree in Integration trade policy and International Economy. I came to youth/NGO filed since I was 14 and met Y-E-N when I was 16. Since than I was lucky to be involved into youth and NGO filed in quite different roles – Board member of Youth NGOs, young trainer, Secretary of the youth organization and other interesting activities one can do in youth NGOs. Quite a big part of my youth work life went to SALTO EECA where I was a Multiple of YiA programme and member of pool of EVS trainers in EECA.

Country of Residency: Belarus
Working languages: Russian and Engslish

Ramón Martínez
Ramon_SAYerMoncho, also known as Ramón Martínez, is a trainer and consultant from the North of Spain. With a background on critical and creative thinking and collaborative and experiential learning, Moncho works mainly on youth empowerment through inclusion and participation. Lover of comics and cards and board games, he is also consultant on gamification of learning and evaluation processes.

Country of Residency: Morocco
Working languages: Spanish and English

Charalambos Solonos
Charalambos.jpgCharalambos is a high calibre, culturally sensitive and internationally orientated diplomatic professional with a proactive interest in sustainable development, youth empowerment and political affairs. An excellent presenter, trainer of Cyprus Youth Council, expert in structure dialogue, able to develop commercially valuable relationships. His core attributes are related to business development, social engagement and partnership building. Possessing a strong understanding of current Cyprus and EU affairs his is captivated by the interaction between state policy, law, economics and international trade and diplomacy. He is bringing to the team extensive administration experience with reference to socio-economic report writing, current youth – related affairs analysis and political research.

Country of Residency: Cyprus
Working languages: English, Greek

Contact Charalambos: https://www.facebook.com/charalambos.solonos

Bojana Delibasic Bjelic

Bojana Delibašić Bjelić is a social workers and coordinator of volunteer activities. Since 2002 she is actively involved in the NGO “Action against AIDS” (AAA). In her engagement with AAA she underwent a series of seminars and workshops, and acquired skills to work with young people and vulnerable populations. She participated in research “Right to know” – Participatory action research in needs of young people in Bosnia and the “Young people who sell sex” – training and research in the focus groups, Bio-behavioral research with vulnerable populations, etc. She was the first operator in the AIDS info line in Bosnia, psycho-social counselor for people living with HIV/AIDS; she is a peer educator on the topic of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.
Bojana participated in the establishment of the Youth Council of Banja Luka, and was a member of the Supervisory board of the Youth Council BL. Since June 2013 she is voluntary engaged in the Association “Nova generacija” as a Coordinator of volunteer activities and the Coordinator of the project “Older brother, older sister.” In April 2014 she becomes an employee of Nova generacija on the above mentioned functions and also as Secretary of the Regional Network for Street Involved Children. Also in April 2015 within the framework of the Regional Network she organized an International conference about children involved in the life and/or work on the street and children at risk. Bojana is one of educator/lecturer in project “School for parents – how to grow up a children in the modern age”.

Country of Residency: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Working languages: Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian and English

Manuela Costeira
manuelaManuela Costeira worked for the Coordination Office of the Youth Express Network as project manager. Since 2008 she has been involved in several international youth activities on the topic of social inclusion of young people. In 2010 she participated in the research «Youth Impact: a study on the impact and added value of working with young people at international level», financed by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. Manuela works in local level (Strasbourg, France) providing workshops on intercultural learning for youth workers («animateurs») and carers («auxiliaries de vie sociale»). She is a volunteer at «Club de jeunes l’Etage». Her fields of expertise are non-formal education, experiential learning, intercultural learning and social inclusion of young people.

Country of Residency: France
Working languages: English, French, Portuguese

Nemanja Tenjović
nemanDZaNemanja is finishing up his MA studies in International relations. He has been active in youth policy field for over ten years. He has large experience with establishing new institutions and organizations, coordination of long term bilateral and trilateral projects, youth work (working with young disabled, youth health, program development, (un)employment, trainings, dissemination of knowledge, creative expression of youth, youth friendly approach methodology and many other methodologies, development and implementation) Other then Youth work, Nemanja is included in development of policy papers, program development, development within governmental bodies (projects, programs, capacities, campaings etc..), project management, international relations, regional development, project cycle management, RBM. He is also a member of different pools of resources and different think tanks.

Country of Residency: Germany
Working languages: English, Serbian, Croatian

Cosmin Barzan
Cosmin I am active in the field of social inclusion for youth since 2003, whether it’s in my home country or abroad. I am a certified youth trainer since 2002, and have delivered or facilitated over 100 training sessions. I run a civic-oriented organisation, called The Civic Resource Centre, which provides opportunities for regular people to speak up or become active citizens in the community.

Country of Residency: Romania
Working languages: English, French, Italian, Romanian

Mirela Lupu
I discovered youth work and nonformal education in 2007 and I never looked back. Interested in gender equality, human rights, social inclusion, youth participation and youth policy. In my day to day life I work in the youth field coordinating projects for and together with young people.

Country of Residency: Romania
Working languages: Romanian, English

Mark E. Taylor
Mark_vine_smallMark is a relatively nice dinosaur who freelances and plays ukulele. He is involved in the via Experientia consortium which sets out to expand experiential learning and research. Otherwise, you can find him around the place facilitating meetings, training, running workshops and consulting organisations. One of his passions is to be found in writing what he hopes are useful educational publications. A founding member and now editor of Coyote magazine, he is also editor of the Tools for Learning magazine.

Country of Residency: France
Working languages: English, French, German

Sorina Nihta
Sorina_FotorSorina has been working since 2005 at a grass roots level with youngsters with fewer opportunities such as economical and social disadvantages, cultural minorities, immigrants and young offenders. She has worked as a designer and facilitator of learning experiences and as a trainer since 2007 in local, national and international contexts and also as part of the national pool of trainers of the Romanian NA for the YiA (2012 – 2014) and Erasmus+ (2014 – ongoing) Programmes. She is interested in education for sustainable development, passionate about psychology and the outdoors, and believes in involving the wisdom of nature and our body in education.

Country of Residency: Romania
Working languages: Romanian, English, Spanish

Simone Lucchi
super citizen (1)
OBSERVE, THINK and ACT …even in any possible combination and order…. are fundamental pillars of that ongoing learning experience we call life, and three milestones in my personal and –luckily-professional path. I’ve been involved in Non Formal Education since when I didn’t even know what NFE was and, in spite my formal education was oriented otherwise, I’ve had the opportunity to keep on this way and make it part of my professional life too. Born in Italy and currently living in Spain, I currently work as a trainer, facilitator and youth projects coordinator and that allows me to dive into a sincere non formal setting and a full time learning experience! Experienced in project management and working on Human Rights Education, I’m passionate about intercultural learning and in love with group learning processes 😉

Country of Residency: Spain
Working languages: English, Spanish and Italian

Mehmet Öztürk

I have been actively involving in non-formal education activities for more then 5 years and I am a member of Y-E-N SAYers since 2013.
Right now I work a software engineer and I am in YEN Communication Group to develop and maintain Y-E-N web page.

Country of Residency: Turkey
Working languages: Turkish, English and Spanish

Javier Milan Lopez

Graduated in Political Science and Public Administration and specialized in International Cooperation, Project Management and Development Processes. He has been involved in activist movements as well as getting involved into Social Field through volunteering. He has worked for NGOs, that are in fields such as Social Inclusion, Youth Work and Participitation Processes, at national and international level (Spain, Senegal and Egypt) as project manager assistant and consultant/facilitator.
After his EVS experience in Romania (2015), he discovered the European Youth Work and started working in it as facilitator/trainer.

Country of residence: Spain
Working languages: English, Spanish
Cihan Kilic

Cihan_Kilic“Castigat Ridendo Mores”
I am involved in non-formal education because I believe that it is an effective way to incite critical thinking as well as empowering the excluded members of the society. I have been working with grass-root organizations. Likewise, I am mainly working with migrants and minorities. Being fluent in English and French (as well as Persian and Turkish) gave me the opportunity to run trainings in various parts of the world including Western Africa and Middle East. Apart from being a trainer I am also working as a consultant responsible for writing/coordinating Erasmus+ and Horizon2020 projects.

Country of residence: Turkey
Working languages: Turkish, English, French

Jonathan De Lijster

IMG_6547My name is Jonathan Nathanaël de Lijster and i live in the Netherlands. I am a coach and specialized in personal coaching, group dynamics and emotional capacity. I had the opportunity to establish Foundation Be Innovated. The aim of Foundation Be Innovated is to make a positive contribution to the world, by giving young people the opportunity to develop themselves by non-formal & informal education. I am also supporting several international organisations with the aim to improve the social access to social rights of young people.
I am grateful that i had the opportunity to become a member of the sayers family. My favorite topics: Empowerment, Storytelling, Intercultural Dialogue, Coaching and group dynamics.

Country of residence: The Netherlands
Working languages: English, Dutch

Martin Harutyunyan
I have been actively involving in non-formal education activities for more then 4 years and I am a member of Y-E-N SAY-ers since 2015. I’m a member also of Youth Social Rights Network and Co-Founder of European Center for Human Rights. I’m interested in human rights, social inclusion, youth participation, youth policy, youth employement. I have an 9 year of experience of working as a Designer. I have a MA degree in Design and PhD Degree in Arts. Since 2013 I’m working as a Researcher and Lecturer in different Art Institutions.
Right now I am a Head of Decorative Applied Arts and Design Department of Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch and in the same time I work for Institute of Arts of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia as a Senior Researcher.

Country of Residency: Armenia
Working languages: Armenian, Russian, English and French

Berat Ezel
I have been working as youth worker and social worker since 2000, youth trainer/facilitator since 2006 both national and international levels. Social inclusion, youth participation, NGO and Volunteer management, entrepreneurship, organising tailor made training courses, learning design for specific target groups are my field of work. Past 2 years , I started working for Humanitarian Aid Organisation, running a safe space for Syrian women and children.
I have been participating and taking part in Y-E-N events since 2007 and I hope to give more support in upcoming ones.

Country of Residency: Turkey
Working Languages: English, Turkish

Atom Mkhitaryan

Atom is involved in youth work since 15 years as a leader of youth-student club and after – as a president of the largest youth organisation in Armenia – FYCA (Federation of Youth Clubs).
He participated in more than 100 youth TC’s, seminars, conferences, forums in more than 30 countries as participant, trainer, organizer.

Country of Residency: Armenia
Working Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Sirarpi Manyan

I am Sirarpi Manyan , English teacher and youth worker from Armenia. I am involved in non-formal education for more than 8 years and help a lot of organizations to organize their national and international projects. I am involved in international movements and activities promoting social rights. Apart from being a facilitator and trainer I am president of Youth NGO and work as coordinator of Erasmus+ youth projects. I think that Youth work is another country which is a great way to experience different cultures and make new friends, whilst also helping others and learning new skills that could be helpful in later life.I am happy for the chance to have my life journey with Y-E-N.

Country of Residency: Armenia
Working Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Kiril Spasov

“Always Do what you Love, and Love what you Do!”

Hello everyone,
my name is Kiril, I am 27 y.o., co- founder and an active member of Acive Bulgarian Society NGO since the very beginning/2012/ and since that time I got enchanted by the non-formal education. My interests related with NFE are in mentoring and volunteering, personal development, sports, leadership, and sustainable development :))
What else, I was an EVS volunteer for 1 year in Bologna, which was a life-changing experience. In my free time I love to practice different sports, travel, ride a bike or pick up mushrooms in the mountains. I am part of YEN’s family since 2016 and I am really happy of that.

Country of Residency: Bulgaria
Working Languages: Bulgarian, English, Italian

Gaia Ciccone
Hi i’m Gaia, a student of law in Rome and in the future I’d like to work at international level. I’m 22 years old. I love working with young people and i’m very friendly! I have a little sister of 16 y.o.

Country of Residence: Italy
Working languages: Italian, English

Bardha Uka
Coming from a place where you are excluded for two main reasons first for being a woman and second being a youngster, you understand perfectly the meaning of raising your voice and taking action to make a change. I started working as a volunteer on national NGO “Kosovar Youth Council” when I was 16, and since then I have been a change agent for youth issues, and with great passion I have worked on youth participation. For 8 years now I have been working on non-formal education providing trainings for young people on many subjects; volunteerism, youth participation, education, public appearance, and advocacy. I feel in love with Y-E-N since the first time I meet with them on 2012, as their spirit, approach and their work has constantly motivated me not to quit and face with every challenge I had.
My passion and zeal to work for women and youth in my country, increases my eager for new experiences.
Beyond everything, underwater world is where I find my inspiration, kind of like SpongeBob 😊

Country of Residence: Kosovo
Working languages: Albanian, English

Valentina Auliso
My name is Valentina Auliso and I am a true Roman (I was born in Rome).
I am half-Italian/half-polish and my curiosity has given me the opportunity to travel all over Europe and further a field: I have lived in Italy, France, Portugal and now I live in the UK doing my Master in Journalism and Documentary Practice and I can speak Italian, Polish, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, fluently. I always say that what really changed my life was traveling alone and participating in international training or events. Those experiences gave me courage and positivism, so I applied those attitudes to my life. I would never change anything I have done. Expertise in Human Rights, Education, Communication and Media, Documentary Practice and News and Feature Writing.
I love cycling and I practice yoga as well as singing in a choir. But especially Yoga, in fact, I am training as an instructor!
Also, I am writing a book of satirical poems.

Country of Residence: UK
Working languages: Italian, Polish, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish