The Board

The Network is managed by a Board composed of a minimun 5 and maximun 11 members elected by the General Assembly. The board shall comprise members who are residents in at least three European countries.

The members of the board are elected for a two years term by secret ballot by ordinary majority. Outgoing members may be re-elected.

The board assures the current management of the association and takes all the decisions that are not reserved to the General Assembly.

All board members work voluntarily for Y-E-N.

President : Mirela Lupu

Vice-president : Valentina Auliso

Treasurer : Mariam Sahakyan

Secretary : Vasil Tanev

Board members : Ramiz Aliyev and Katarina Vuckovic


Mirela LUPU – President
I am 24 years old and in my day to day life I am a youth worker in Timisoara, Romania. It all started back in 2007 when I was in high school volunteering for the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara. In the NGO I met amazing and inspiring people who helped me develop and I saw how much impact youth work can have on young people. At local level my main areas of expertise in working with young people are social inclusion, participation and structured dialogue. I met Y-E-N in 2010 in Noah’s Ark mobile seminar in Armenia. I was amazed by the people, by the activities and by the cause of Y-E-N. Since 2013, Y-E-N is my “second job” and I love it.“.

Valentina AULISO – Vice President

Photo_Vale“It’s really a big pleasure for me to shortly present myself for Youth Express Network! My name is Valentina and my city is Rome, where I was born and grew up, I finished my studies in International Relations at Bologna’s University. It was a very important period for my personal growth and learning point, for instance during my Erasmus Year in Portugal, a special place where I learned a lot from people. I am involved in the magic world of volunteering since I was 14 years old and from then I never stopped; NGO’s pro Legality, NGO’s  For Human rights, organization for Africans’ rights. From local to international level, I always tried to do my best to gain more and more experience in order to be able to contribute as much as I can. The activity that is now involving me the most is “No Hate Speech Movement” – an amazing experience! And now, because I fell in love with Y-E-N at first sight, I hope I can really give my fully contribution, I was already involved with my organization in Rome, (Ostia). Now, new responsibilities will make this journey rich and meaningful in a different way. Thanks!”

Mariam SAHAKYAN – Treasurer
Photo_Mariam  “Hello :), I am Mariam Sahakyan from Armenia. I have been working in youth field and NGO sphere since 1999. I have two high educations, first education is Foreign languages and the second is Social work, Social policy. At present I am the vice – president of FYCA, which is the biggest youth organization in Armenia. I work with young people mainly on active youth participation, social inclusion, citizenship and volunteering. I have taken part in and have led many trainings, seminars, workshops and various local and international projects about different themes. Making investment or developing skills and competencies among young people is in a high importance of me, as young people learn best through active participation in all types of settings and situations, both formal and non formal.”

Vasil TANEV – Secretary

Picture 1“Hello World, my name is Vasil Tanev and I am among the newest Board members. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria I have been working in the NGO area since 2012. As of 2013, I am the president of Active Bulgarian Society – one of the most active and productive self-funded organizations in Bulgaria. Having a MSc in Structural Engineering, I am currently working as a “Research and Development” team leader for a structural software company in Bulgaria. I have recently enrolled for pHD studies in the faculty of Construction Management. So I am really looking forward to plunge into that new experience with the great team of Y-E-N!”

Ramiz ALIYEV – Board Member

“Hello everybody 🙂 My name is Ramiz Aliyev from Azerbaijan. I was born and grew up in Sumgait city. I graduated from the Faculty of Journalistic of Azerbaijan Social-Political University. I started to be involved in youth field being a volunteer in UNICEF during in my school years. And since then I felt that this is my dream work and my comfort zone, and I started actively engage in this field. So, I, with my friend founded “Common Sense” Youth Organization (CSYO) in 2006 which is now one of most active youth organisations not only in Sumgait, but also in Azerbaijan. I was elected the first chairman of CSYO, including now, I have leaded CSYO at various periods. With CSYO, we carried out many projects on healthy lifestyle, environmental awareness, rising of quality of education, social rights of the youth, active citizenship, youth participation and volunteering on international and local level until now. In order to increase my knowledge and exchange of experiences, I have participated in more than 80 international trainings, seminars and conferences and also was part of some international and national umbrella organisations. Additionally, in February 2016, I was awarded with “Presidential Award for Young People” for my public and youth activities in the country and abroad. I am youth worker and policymaker. It is great pleasure to be a part of the international network like Y-E-N which gives a big contribution to European and global youth policy. I will do my best for youth and youth development!”

Katarina VUCKOVIC – Board Member

kata_yen“I am a young woman from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I started my community participation in high school. After working as an executive director at PRONI Center for youth development in Brcko District, I am project coordinator at Institute for Youth Development KULT in Sarajevo. I am working with youth on daily basis in my home town and across the region. I was supporting different youth groups and young individuals in their studies, work and implementation of youth led projects and their efforts to promote positive youth participation in community. My focus is on youth rights through community youth work, youth policy, youth activism and participation and promotion of volunteering. My work with youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina also took place at state level where I was a member of the Commission for coordination of youth issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina within  the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In Y-E-N and PRONI I am also a trainer on interculturalism, youth activism and volunteerism as well as in topic of using arts in working with youth. I am very keen in work to establish youth work as profession in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as one that can help in youth development and education in future. In my free time she is amateur photographer and member of fire show group.”