Our Work

Through a network of member organisations, youth leaders, social workers and young people, we work at a local, regional and European levels to foster social inclusion of young people. We organise training courses, seminars, cross-border projects and researches on youth and social issues.

Y-E-N means Youth Express Network.

«Express» has two meanings:

  • Express yourself because we in Y-E-N believe that youth have a lot of valuable things to express, to say about social issues today;
  • But express means also quickly. The idea is that if we want social change, then we can’t wait for tomorrow, we have to start here and now.

Therefore, we conduct researches and studies on youth related issues and try to be the voice of the most disadvantaged ones, either by representing them at local, regional and European institutions or by supporting them in creating and being part of youth councils and local policies. Youth Express Network also lobbies and makes recommendations at local, regional and European levels.

Our main working topics are:
  • conflict-resolution
  • citizenship
  • diversity issues
  • empowerment of young people
  • Human Rights education
  • gender
  • intercultural dialogue
  • mobility
  • lifelong learning
  • education for peace
  • social issues
  • youth participation
  • youth policies
  • youth employment

How do we work ?

All events organised by the network are based on Y-E-N principles and values. Some of our working methods are:

  • non-formal education
  • outdoor education
  • peer education
  • coaching
  • forum theater
  • street animation
  • experiential learning
  • arts
  • simulation games
  • media

What can we offer ?

  • networking opportunities
  • information about youth, training and mobility programmes
  • pedagological support
  • coaching on European and crossborder project development

Youth Express Network is a candidate member of Youth European Forum (since 2013) and a member of the Council of Europe’s OING conference.