About us

Youth Express Network is a European network of grass-root youth organisations. Our vision is to reach an inclusive society, where young people, their needs and participation are recognised, valued and appreciated.

Our member organisations all work at local, regional and/or European level on the social inclusion of young people. Our Board is pan-European and composed of young people. Our coordination office is based in Strasbourg, France.

We encourage young people with fewer opportunities to make their voice heard in local, regional and international institutions.

Since 1993, we have organised more than 120 international activities bringing together youth organisations, social/youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities. [Learn more on “Our work“]

Why Youth EXPRESS Network?

«Express» has two meanings:

  • EXPRESSION - as in "Express yourself", because we believe that youth have a lot of valuable opinions to express and to share with society;
  • NOW - Express also means quickly. The idea is that if we want social change, then we can’t wait for tomorrow, we have to start here and now.

We are full member of the YFJ and the INGO conference of the Council of Europe.

member organisations
European countries
international activities
years of networking
  • November 1991

    Gathering of youth workers that sparkled the idea of the creation of an European Network of youth organisations.

  • Octobre 1992 - VIDEO BELOW

    Youth seminar "Youth Express" - First activity of the network, at the time known as "Réseau Cable 5" (Cable 5 Network).

  • January 1993

    Legal registration of Youth Express Network!

Our history

In November 1991, the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Youth and Sport organised a week of reflection for youth leaders, social workers and project managers coming from all over Europe. This seminar was the first of its kind : a gathering of young people that were not attached to or involved with any specific organisation.

During that week, some participants expressed their interest in staying in contact at European level in order to continue to share practices, expertise, methods and work together on common issues to support young people in making their voices heard.

With the support of the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe, a European structure was created to achieve this idea. First called Cable 5, the network organised its first activity at the European Youth Centre of Strasbourg in October 1992. The youth seminar “Youth Express” brought together 60 young people with fewer opportunities, coming from 18 different European countries.  

The network was officially registerd at the Court of Strasbourg, France in January 1993 as Youth Express Network (Réseau Express Jeunes in French).