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Why Youth EXPRESS Network?

«Express» has two meanings:

  • EXPRESSION - as in "Express yourself", because we believe that youth have a lot of valuable opinions to express and to share with society;
  • NOW - Express also means quickly. The idea is that if we want social change, then we can’t wait for tomorrow, we have to start here and now.

Youth Express Network is a European network of grass-root youth organisations. Our vision is to reach an inclusive society, where young people, their needs and participation are recognised, valued and appreciated.

Our member organisations all work at local, regional and/or European level on the social inclusion of young people. Our Board is pan-European and composed of young people. Our coordination office is based in Strasbourg, France.

We encourage young people with fewer opportunities to make their voice heard in local, regional and international institutions.

Through our network of youth organisations, social/youth workers youth leaders, and young people, we work at European, regional and local level to foster social inclusion of young people. To reach our goal, we implement and take part in networking activities, training courses, seminars, cross-border projects, local workshops and researches on youth and social issues.

Since 1993, we have organised more than 120 international activities bringing together youth organisations, social/youth workers and young people with fewer opportunities. 

Our network is a member of :

European Youth Forum  (YFJ) : 

The European Youth Forum is the biggest platform of youth organisations in Europe, representing over 100 youth organisations, bringing together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe. They work to advocate for the rights of young people and to empower them. 

INGO conference of the Council of Europe : 

The Conference of INGOs (International Non Gouvernemental Organisation) brings together more than 300 international NGOs working together :
• to strengthen European citizens’ access to human rights
• to protect democratic values and systems based on the Rule of Law. 

Forum Européen de la Jeunesse YFJ
Conférence des Organisations internationales non-gouvernementales (OING) du Conseil de l'Europe

Our objectives and vision 2030:


Social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities




1. Defining and consolidating the concepts of social inclusion and young people with fewer opportunities.

2. Working in partnership with young people with fewer opportunities at local, regional and European level.

3. Working in partnership with social workers and youth workers who are in contact with young people with fewer opportunities.

4. Cooperating with other institutions and organizations working for social inclusion.

5. Creating opportunities in youth work at local, regional and European level.


Active society towards social inclusion 



1. Raise awareness of the issue of socially excluded young people.

2. Advocacy and lobbying for the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

3. Advocacy and lobbying for the recognition of youth work and non-formal learning.

4. Supporting and promoting the local actions of our member organizations.



Strong network





1. Increase cooperation between member organizations and active participation within Y-E-N.

2. Support the cooperation of member organizations by providing new tools to strengthen their capacities and the quality of their projects.

3. Expand the network geographically to reach more young people and youth organizations.

4. Improve the quality of Y-E-N activities.

5. Improve the visibility of the network at local, regional and European level.

6. Improve the sustainability and financial stability of the network.

Find out more about past years, access to our latest annual activity reports :