Y-E-N Waves

“Y-E-N Waves” is a research study on the impact of Y-E-N international activities on participants and sending organisations.

  • A first edition of the research, “Y-E-N Waves 2014” was conducted in 2015 which was led through collective interviews within the member and partner organisations who sent participants that year. Results will be soon published.

Projects 2014:


  • The second edition of the research, “Y-E-N Waves 2015” was conducted in 2016 with an online survey disseminated among the 80 participants of the year and with qualitative interviews led through video-calls with some participants willing to do it and sending organisations.

Projects 2015:

The quantitative results of Y-E-N Waves 2015 can be checked here below!

Y-E-N Waves 2015 – Quantitative results