Living in Europe Together – Day 4

Youth Seminar

We just finished Day 4 of our 5 days Youth Seminar in Thessaloniki. This day was focused on Trust Building, Project Management and the process for imagining an individual Action Plan.

The morning activities started with a few games aiming at developing the team’s trust in each other and in themselves. They consisted in balance games which demanded to the participants to let themselves fall on one or 5 of their friends, or create together complex structures with their bodies, three exercises that required trust from them, trust in the others, when they were being held, but also on themselves, when the well being of another depended on them.

The second objective of the day was to make the young people realise that they can have a good impact on problems that surrounds them on daily life. To reach that aim, they participated in a Forum Theater. Divided in 4 little groups, they proposed stereotypical scenes of daily hate speech or discrimination, scenes that could be interrupted at anytime by the audience when they thought that an injustice was happening.

After that, the participants were invited to create the Tree of Problems of their cities, identifying three or more major problems and highlighting their Roots, Causes and Consequences. They then gathered in groups to present their Tree of Problems and collaborate with each other.

To help the young people create their individual project, they were introduced to the Project Management Cycle. They then were able to use this management technique to structure their project around 8 points: the Needs → the Aim → the Objectives → the Programme → the Activities → the Needs (linked with the activities) → the Action →the Evaluation →… In groups, they were able to share their individual project and gather opinions, advices and suggestions from their colleagues.

The last technique they learnt today was a method to develop and present an Individual Action Plan. Using the “5 W 1 H questions”, they explained Why they wanted to work for their chosen cause, What they hoped/expected to do or achieve, Who or for Whom the Action would be implemented, When and Where the Action would happen, and finally, How they would organise the Action…

The day ended smoothly with the last Intercultural evening with presentations of Portugal, Turquey, Romania and Bulgaria. We were able to taste some fantastic culinary specialities.

This day was truly dedicated to each of the participant’s individual project. They ended their day with tools, opinions, suggestions, advices and above all, friends and contacts to achieve their hopes and goals.

The last day of the seminar has unfortunately come but we will enjoy it to its fullest.

Optimistic and enthusiastic regards,

Youth Express Network

Fonds européen pour la jeunesse

This project was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union