ACTION DAY #2: Think Healthy!

Youth Express Network uses the ENTER Recommendation as a tool for advocacy on access to Social Rights for Young People. This year, and to celebrate our 25th year of successfully working towards youth inclusion, we wanted to put a spotlight on some of those recommendations by, each month, initiating or communicating on 1 action related to 1 recommendation. 1 month / 1 recommendation / 1 action.

ENTER recommendation #2:
Promoting healthy lifestyle.

In February, we wanted to focus on the Recommendation on Health: « Promoting Healthy Lifestyle ». We asked our Azerbaijani member organisation Common Sense Youth Organisation (CSYO) to be part of this challenge!

Think Healthy!

CSYO has been involved in awareness campaigns on the risks of smoking for years now, a cause that has more recently been addressed by the Azerbaijani Government which passed a law against smoking in public spaces. For theses reasons, CSYO made their Action Day a Movie Day, and invited their Young People to a projection and debate around the film “Thank You for Smoking”, a satirical comedy on the Tobacco Lobby.


This action day is part of the 25 years project. Learn more on this project here:
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