SG away Days in Brussels

On April 25, our General Secretary in interim Emilie-Marie Hornus, was invited by the European Youth Forum (YFJ), to the SG away days held along the docks in Brussels. This meeting was originally planned to happen last November but because of to the pandemic, it had to be postponed to April 2022. The meeting was open to all members of the European Youth Forum, one person per M.O was invited to join. Given the pandemic, the main focus was on (re)connecting and networking. A real balance between content and fun aspects was achieved.

The agenda was as follows:

 Morning: content and sharing from the Youth Forum side

  • Feedback on the EACEA funding for youth organizations regarding the operating grant for the year 2022
  • Annual report and discussion on the last 1.5 years
  • Presentation of the objectives for the year 2022
  • Status report on the revision of the Youth Forum statutes 
  • Questions & Answers

 Lunch: raclette party

 Afternoon: time to meet and create links between YFJ secretariat and youth organisations

  • Escape game activity
  • Aperitif time

 Youth Express Network would like to thank the European Youth Forum for organising such a recreational and important meeting day for SGs and/or their equivalents.