Article Agora of Strasbourg: ‘Strasbourg’s Appeal’

Following the launch in May 2021 of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) in Strasbourg – a city proclaimed to be a symbol of European democracy and public debate in Europe – several citizen members of L’Agora Strasbourg Capitale européenne wanted to restore the central place of this historic city in the construction of European identity by means of a text: “Strasbourg’s Appeal”.

The signing of “Strasbourg’s Appeal” took place on Monday 14th February in the presence of Guy Verhofstadt, Member of the European Parliament, co-chair of the Executive Committee of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The Mayor of Strasbourg introduced the session by greeting and thanking the participants.

This is the 10th plenary meeting of the Agora Strasbourg Capitale européenne since its launch.

Mrs Carole Zielinski, Deputy Mayor in charge of local democracy, initiatives and citizen participation, recalled the methodology used for the collective drafting of the text.

This text, the result of work carried out within the Agora Strasbourg Capitale européenne, was drafted in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe. In favour of the continuation of the European project and around the values that Strasbourg embodies and symbolises: democracy, human rights and the rule of law, “Strasbourg’s Appeal” is proposed for signature by all those who wish to mobilise for the future of Europe, at a time when peace on our continent is under serious threat.

The text aims to challenge the political decision-makers of the European institutions responsible for the Conference on the Future of Europe on various issues such as:

  • The challenges of democracy, ecological transition and climate change;
  • The commitment of the reforms of the European Union. Continuing the direct dialogue between European citizens and their institutions, perpetuating Strasbourg’s role as the place where Europe is invented;
  • The creation of a European Statute of Association;
  • Respect for the principles of the European the European Convention on Human Rights;
  • The drafting and adoption of a European Charter for Culture that would create a common basis for civic education, history teaching, the circulation of knowledge and arts, the learning of European languages and the recognition of European cultural rights;
  • As well as the promotion of a Europe lived in everyday life, whose progress is known and appropriated by all, thus favouring the inclusion of the citizens of Europe.

As a European association promoting social inclusion, Youth Express Network was present to sign “Strasbourg’s Appeal”.

In order to carry the message of Strasbourg the European capital, Youth Express Network invites you to sign and relay this message. To do so, please visit the page specifically dedicated to “Strasbourg’s Appeal”.

Any person or structure wishing to support “Strasbourg’s Appeal” can do so by signing the contribution until 9th May.

Following the process set up by the Conference on the Future of Europe, this contribution was submitted on the dedicated digital platform.

The Conference on the Future of Europe aims to give citizens a voice by allowing them to express their expectations of the European Union in terms of deepening democracy, energy and digital transition, health, and other global issues.

Strasbourg’s Appeal Signatures