Strasbourg European Capital : Organisation of Europa month

In Strasbourg, the month of May is a whole month dedicated to the celebration of Europe. 

Why a whole month? For a vibrant city such as Strasbourg, seat of many European institutions: European Parliament, Council of Europe, European Youth Centre, European Court of Human Rights, European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines etc. 9th of May, Schuman Declaration Day does not pay tribute enough to what Europe offers to its citizens. 

In 2023, numerous events will be held throughout the City of Strasbourg and in the surrounding towns and Y-E-N will make sure to be part of it. 

That is why on February the 15th, the office composed of Julia (new communication officer), Emilie (network coordinator) and Noah (volunteer) was welcomed by Christelle HAMM, Head of the Europe and Citizenship Department at Strasbourg’s city hall to discuss the preparation of Europa month. 

About fifteen people were present, all representing a local organisation. After a quick introduction, we dug into the technicality of organising such a celebration. 

Throughout the month of May, a series of events will take place in different districts of the city to allow a real representation. This year’s focus is on cross-border cooperation.

Therefore, we can expect various actions from the municipality of Strasbourg and local actors and also to start highlighting the next EU elections (May 2024). For the occasion, the parliament will organise an open-day on May 13th.

About the youth, EYE (European Youth Event) will return for its 5th edition which will take place on the 9th and 10th of June, at the European Parliament of Strasbourg. Y-E-N will be there and we expect to see many of you amongst the 10 000 awaited young people. Too often NEETs are forgotten by stakeholders, now it is your chance to raise your voice. 

See you there!