Sustainable Office – Network Call

European week of waste reduction inspired this next Network Call! For our second online gathering, we thought important to reflect and exchange on small efficient ideas for a Sustainable office. Let’s lower the environmental impact of our offices and youth events.

Sustainable offices

For this Network call, we were joined by Lari Schinteie from the Sustainable Babes. Through their initiative, the Sustainable Babes aim at raising awareness on the climate crisis and educating people on their power as consumers.

This online meeting was held on the 16th of November. We divided the content into 7 parts and suggested ideas on easy ways to implement sustainable habits at the work place. The categories were: Advices on how to start ; Transportation ; Waste and Electricity ; Digital pollution ; Paper and communication ; lunch and coffee break ; events.

Here are the videos we made from this online meeting:

A how-to guide to get you started

From the conference, we developed a How to guide including all of the efficient alternatives we mentioned.

Read and download the guide here

Click on the image to get started 😉