No plane, no youth work? – Network Call

With the pandemic, Youth Express Network had to find a way to continue gathering its member organisations and maintain the share of good practices between European youth workers. To do so, we launched our first Network Call on European youth work during the pandemic.

What’s the Network Call

Less planes, less gatherings = less opportunities to gather young people, youth workers and youth organisations from all over Europe. With the Network Call, we wanted to invite our community to gather online, as we would for a coffee break. An informal discussion, to continue working together, to share and reflect together on various topics linked to Youth work and Youth organisations: tips on developing successful projects, good practices on communication, advice on having an eco-friendly office and youth events…

European youth work and the pandemic

We held the first edition of the “Network Call” on the 2nd of October. It was entitled « No plane, no work? – Youth Work and Solidarity: from international to local level during Coronavirus ». The discussion was focused on how this global pandemic is affecting young people and youth work and how youth organisations working mainly at international level had to switch back to local level. Our special guest for this Network Call was Özgehan Şenyuva, Youth Researcher and former Vice-President of Y-E-N.

Here are the videos we made from this online meeting:

Read more on the research

Most findings shared during this online meeting where the results of the research conducted by RAY Network.

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