World Forum For Democracy 2017

world forum democracy

« Is populism a problem? »

From the 8th to the 10th of November, Y-E-N was at the Council of Europe for the 6th edition of the World Forum for Democracy on the topic « Is populism a problem ? » !

This event takes place each year in Strasbourg (France) and is organised by the Council of Europe in collaboration with the Municipality of Strasbourg (France), the Region Grand-Est (France) and the French Governement.

« The objective of the World Forum for Democracy 2017 is to review new initiatives and approaches which can enhance democratic practices and help parties and media, but also other political and function optimally in 21st century democracy. » (source :

For 3 days, around 2000 participants and 200 speakers from 80 countries gathered to address the challenge of populism around the world. Different plenary sessions focused particularly on the role of political parties and the media and Labs explored practical initiatives that are implemented in some countries.

The winner of this year’s Democracy Innovation Award went to Russian investigative newspaper « The Insider ».

« The Insider is an investigative newspaper that seeks to provide its readers with information about the current political, economic and social situation in Russia, while also promoting democratic values and shedding light on issues related to human rights and civil society. In addition, the Insider implements the “Antifake” project, with the objective of systematically debunking fake news in Russian media, and to help its audience to distinguish relevant information from fake news and propaganda. » (source :

The World Forum for Democracy will be held in 2018 again, on the topic « Citizenship on the move ». More about the Forum