Youth roundtable on Climate Protection

Hôtel de ville de Bâle

On September 6th, we were invited to take part in the youth round table on climate protection at Basel City Hall. This event was organized by the département présidentiel du Canton de Bâle-Ville, Région Basiliensis, Europa Forum in collaboration with the conférence franco-germano-Suisse du Rhin supérieur

A committed event for the region of the three borders (Switzerland, Germany, France).

This round table brought together around thirty young people committed to climate protection around four main questions:

  • How to live together beyond borders?
  • How to become independent of gas and oil imports?
  • How to improve public and individual transport between the three countries?
  • How to move towards sustainable and regional food?

During this day, we had the opportunity to hear the testimonies of Beat Jeans (President of the Council of State of the Canton of Basel-City and President of the Franco-German-Swiss Conference of the Upper Rhine) and Jo Vergeat (President of the Grand Council of the Canton of Basel-City).

Ideas retained at the end of the day

At the end of the day, each group working on one of the four issues came up with a few ideas and areas for improvement. Here are some suggestions that have been made:

Creation of an Open Source participatory platform so that citizens can submit their ideas online; Creation of a “Dreiland App” listing regional markets, cycle paths and other useful and sustainable information; Awareness-raising action on the use of energy; Creation of a cross-border application which would bring together all the transport (train, bus, carpooling, etc.) available in the region and which would allow the user to buy a single ticket for the entire journey made; Establishment of different pricing for public transport according to the situation of the person and not according to their age; Establishment of a weekly sorting collection for food waste (compost) by the cities; …

Emerging ideas for Y-E-N

It is a goal for us, at Youth Express Network, to improve our way of working in order to anchor ourselves in a more sustainable approach. Indeed, we undertook this process by first creating a guide on eco-gestures in the office to adopt. In our next youth projects, we will think even more about the question of transport and food.