General Assembly 2019

general assembly of 2019

We held our General Assembly on the 10th of August 2019! The member organisations, board and office of Youth Express Network gathered in Berlin to talk about the past and future of the organisation.

There were in total 23 people attending the meeting, among which 16 represented member organisations.

2018: Youth, Art and Social Inclusion

The agenda of the meeting started by a presentation of all of the activities organised or attended by the Network last year. At the end of this presentation, the General Assembly approved the annual activity report for the year 2018. You can find this report here bellow!

Finances and statutes

Among the main point of the agenda was the usual review and voting of the financial report of 2018, and provisionnal budget for the year 2019. This General Assembly also was presented with suggestions for an updated version of the statutes of Youth Express Network. They voted and approved these new statutes.

Planning the future

The Board explained the future participation of Youth Express Network to the EU Youth Dialogue, and planned with each member meetings that will help evaluating their needs and expectations in order to set our next Vision, a strategic document setting Youth Express Network’s directions and objectives for the next years to come!

Member and Board Elections!

We welcomed one new member organisation from the Netherlands: Be Innovated.

Be Innovated supports schools with a range of lessons aiming at inspiring, motivating and connecting young people, stimulating their independence, critical thinking and sociability.

Like every year, the General Assembly also elected the Board Members. 4 people obtained the required numbers of vote and joined the 3 board members still in mandate to form a new board. Here is the new board’s composition:

  • Ramiz ALIYEV – Common Sense Youth Organisation (Azerbaïjan) – President
  • Sirarpi MANYAN – Federation of Youth Clubs Armenia – Vice-President
  • Olya KHVASEVICH – New Faces (Belarus) – Treasurer (newly elected)
  • Fatma ÇIMEN  – Youth for Understanding Turkey – Secretary (newly elected)
  • Nino TSULAIA – Institute for Democratic Changes (Georgia) – Board Member
  • Andrea PANTARELLI – Affafulazione (Italy) – Board Member (newly elected)
  • Adina HALILOVIC – PRONI Center for youth development (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Board Member (newly elected)