MARSA Project – Digital campaign on Migration and Media Literacy


For the next 6 months, Youth Express Network will take part in the “MARSA Project”, a social media educational campaign on Migration and Media Literacy. The Campaign starts Now!

Information moves fast. It is being shared from person to person, from country to country and can easily be distorted, sometimes without much analysis. 5 European organisations gathered to build a digital space through which the public could access factual, simple and reliable information on Migration, thus becoming able to understand it better and develop their own opinion.

In other to reach this goal, the 5 partners developed a digital campaign called “MARSA Project”. MARSA stands for “Move Against Rash Statements and Actions”. The campaign will try to educate people on both Migration and media literacy by sharing widely 3 types of content :

  • Memes and publications on Media Literacy
  • Videos on definitions of the Migration vocabulary and media literacy, delivered by experts
  • Migrants stories

The campaign will be developed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and delivered in 6 languages : English, French, Italian, Maltese, Romanian and Turkish.

It is the main result of a European youth project entitled “MARSA InternPrize”. Coordinated by VisMedNet Association and supported by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, this strategic partnership brings together 5 organisations, coming from 5 different countries: France, Italy, Malta, Romania, and Turkey.

Find more info on the Website: MARSA INTERNPRIZE

The campaign starts NOW!
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This project was supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union