Promoting Civic Involvement: An Enriching Week in Strasbourg for Young Europeans

From May 5th to May 11th, 25 youngsters from five different countries—Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, and the Netherlands—gathered in Strasbourg, the European capital, for a week rich in exchanges.

The youngsters had the opportunity to participate in a meeting with the youngsters of Illkirch at the Phare de l’Ill, during which we were able to exchange ideas with local residents.

In Schiltigheim, we hosted a game called “Euro Quiz” at the House of Young Citizens, which allows participants to learn more about the European Union and its various institutions.

The main goal of this meeting was to raise awareness about European citizenship and encourage the youngsters to participate in the European elections. To achieve this, we conducted an interactive sensitization session at the engineering school ICAM, encouraging local students to become more involved in the democratic process.

The young also had the opportunity to discover the history of European construction and the mechanisms of European democracy through a visit and a role play at the European Parliament. Immersed in simulated situations, we were able to put ourselves in the shoes of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and debate crucial issues for the future of Europe, gaining a better understanding of how this key institution works.

Furthermore, our interaction with the Strasbourg community was not limited to the intervention at the engineering school. To this end, a series of activities and discussions were organized, all focused on the European Union and electoral issues. We set up a stand at the cathedral during the European Month, offering passersby the opportunity to learn about the European Union and upcoming elections, as well as about the actions and commitments of the association. Young participants had the opportunity to engage with passersby on European interculturality, coming from various backgrounds themselves.

Additionally, in the Neuhof neighborhood of Strasbourg, we also hosted a stand to present our association, organized a game called “The Euro Challenge,” and our Secretary General, Ekrem Sahin, was interviewed on the radio.

At the end of the intense week, the young participants returned home, bringing with them not only new knowledge about Europe and its functioning but also new friendships and a desire to actively involve themselves in the democratic life of their country and the European Union. 

Now, these 25 young individuals serve as our European ambassadors, tasked with implementing projects aimed at promoting European elections and encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote in their respective countries.

Louise Dacharry