Working Together – Day 1

The first day of any Seminar is always intense! It is usually a special day dedicated to discover each other and build the healthy and strong foundations of a productive group.

To do so, the first morning of this week’s activity “Working Together for an Inclusive Europe” started with a few energizers and icebreaking games. Through these, the participants got to discover each other’s passions and learn a little bit about their respective experiences in NGO’s and Youth Work. To prepare themselves for the 5 days of work awaiting, they also were invited to fill the traditional board of Fears, Expectations and Contributions.

The organisation FITT, our host and long time partner of Y-E-N, was then presented to our participants, as well as our local member organisation, the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara. The latter was organising the same morning a “Human Rights start with Breakfast!” conference, and the participants of both events (Y-E-N’s and the conference) were invited to meet in the afternoon for a NGO’S FAIR.

To prepare this meeting, the participants drew posters presenting their organisation, its vision, target groups, methods, etc… The Fair was a great success and our participants were able to exchange some contacts with the people attending the conference.

The afternoon finished on 4 Team Building Activities which called for various skills from the whole group: communication strategy, non-verbal communication, time management, leadership and co-responsibility, problem analysis and resolution, respect and trust…

Our introduction day ended on that cheerful note and an intercultural evening. Already, the group feels cohesive and eager to change the world, “petit à petit”, city by city, all together. 🙂

Fonds européen pour la jeunesse

Activity supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe