Y-E-N meets “no Walls – more Words”

cycling youth project

Between the 2nd and the 4th of May, we had the pleasure to welcome in Strasbourg our new friends from IPA as part of their bicycle trip across Europe, a beautiful Youth Initiative entitled “no Walls – more Words“.

IPA: Io Per l’Altro

IPA stands for “Io Per l’Altro”: Myself for the others. Co-funded by Marco Valerio Battaglia, Endrit Dodaj and Antonino Costanza, IPA is an organisation of volunteers working with Youth and more particularly with the children in Togo. The organisation is based in Ostia, Rome, and its premises serve as a youth center where youngsters can meet, share and participate to training activities.

4 bicycles and 1 800 kilometres

On the 25th of April, Marco Valerio, Claudia, Simone and Gabriele left Ostia (Rome) for a meaningful cycling adventure. Their objective: cycling from Amsterdam to Rome to meet young people from all over Europe and chat with them about Europe, barriers, integration and opportunities…

From their hometown Ostia (Rome), they flew to Amsterdam, where they departed on their two wheels to travel across 7 countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Swiss and Italy. Among their stops, some significant chapters of the History of Europe such as Maastricht, Schengen and Strasbourg.

Through this adventure, they wish to create a discussion with the youngsters, motivate them to pursue their goals and raise awareness about Hospitality, mutual support and intercultural dialogue. The project was developed aligned with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy of the Erasmus + Programme, and it is part of the “No Hate Speech” campaign.

The group will organise meetings in Italian schools to discuss about the experience. They are to reach Rome on the 18th of May.

Major stop: Strasbourg, European Capital

On the 2nd of May, our 4 friends finally arrived in Strasbourg for a special Stop! Here, they stayed a few days, met with young people and NGOs, and visited some meaningful corners of the European Capital (European Youth Centre, European Parliament…).

They interviewed Emmeline and Margaux, from Y-E-N’s coordination office, and Mr. Menno ETTEMA, European coordinator of the No Hate Speech Movement [Video]. We also introduced them to our member organisation, the Association l’Etage, and its members, and they were able to chat with them, explain their initiative and purpose, and most importantly, hear and record their stories. We were very happy to share a little time with these Inclusive Bikers 😉

Dear friends, BON VOYAGE for the end of your trip!


After 25 days and 1 800 km, our friends finally arrived is Ostia 🙂
We are very proud and admiring of their achievement ! BRAVO 😉