70th anniversary of the European Parliament

Marc and Nicolas, the two interns from the Youth Express Network, had the immense honor of being invited to the meeting celebrating the 70th anniversary of the European Parliament. This special event delighted them.

The reception was elegant without being extravagant. It brought together several prestigious guests, including the Mayor of Strasbourg and eminent personalities from the parliamentary body. They also had the opportunity to meet different associations with whom they didn’t hesitate to engage in discussions.

After the speech by the Mayor of Strasbourg, they had the chance to visit the magnificent City Hall. This historical venue hosted the very first Council of Ministers of Europe, at a time when only a dozen countries, including France, were part of it. This visit was an exciting moment where they could exchange ideas and concerns with other associations while presenting the work of the Youth Express Network to the attending organizations.

It was a true sharing experience, both in terms of knowledge and delicious gastronomic delights. They didn’t miss the opportunity to extend their wishes for success, thus becoming a part of this prestigious event. They are happy to have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful evening.