“Brave it Out” 3 Regional Experts Meetings

The last activities of the Work Plan 2016 were 3 Regional Experts Meetings organised in 3 different places at 3 different times:

Those meetings represented the opportunity for former participants of the activities 2016 to evaluate their impact (on participants and organisations) in the frame of our Work Plan “Angle it Right: New perspective on young people with fewer opportunities”  and to give the space for young people to be (finally) considered as experts in the field of social inclusion.

The aim of splitting this evaluation and experts meeting in space and time was to be adapted to the local context of each “region” of Europe and to gather participants from border countries to foster future collaborations.

These meetings were financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

During these meetings, the participants could also visit different local organisations and meet with several people active in the field of youth and Social Rights:

  • Ostia: Visit of “Casa del Sole” (asylum seekers centre in Fiumicino) – Visit of “Affabulazione” (member and host organisation) – Meeting with “HOP” group (local youth initiative) – Meeting with Anaud Jean Silver KOUAME (migrants living in Italy for 23 years)
  • Tbilisi: Visit of “Institute for Democratic Changes” (host and member organisation) – Meeting with a Scout group
  • Timisoara: Visit of “AIDRom” organisation (social services for refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, victims of human trafficking) – Visit of “FITT” (partner and host organisation) – Meeting with a representative of the Local Body of the Romanian Ministry of Youth – Meeting with “Intercultural Institute of Timisoara” (member organisation)

As a result, the Work Plan 2016 was evaluated by the participants and the representatives of the organisations themselves & suggestions for 2017 were given!

The pedagogical report is here !

Let’s get 2017 started!