Discovery of Non-Formal Education in Budapest: An Inspiring Journey

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Our project officer recently embarked on a journey from January 29th to February 3rd, immersing herself in a non-formal education training held at the European Youth Centre in Budapest. With 25 dynamic participants hailing from various corners of Europe – Belgium, Spain, Georgia, and Germany – the stage was set for a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences, representing a myriad of youth organizations.

At the heart of this immersive experience lay a pivotal objective: to equip participants with the essential tools to comprehend and apply the fundamental principles and methodologies of non-formal education in order to enhance the quality of activities and their contribution to the Council of Europe’s mission, with a particular focus on the youth sector.

The well-crafted training program proved to be a beacon of enlightenment, offering insights into assessing training needs, defining precise objectives and programs, and navigating the labyrinth of methodological approaches in order to set training for youth. In addition, invaluable knowledge was gained on how to effectively prepare a successful application to the European Youth Foundation.

Beyond the training sessions, Lamyaa seized every opportunity to immerse herself in the cultural mosaic of the participants. From captivating presentations of participating organizations, including Y-E-N, which she had the opportunity to present, to an intercultural evening and a lively game night, each moment was a testament to the vitality of intercultural dialogue.

She even had the chance to explore Budapest with other participants during a half-day off, where they exchanged insights into their cultures and experiences before indulging in a gastronomic delight at a local restaurant specializing in Hungarian delicacies.

Reflecting on this enriching journey, Lamyaa expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to deepen her understanding of non-formal education through practical examples. She summed it up: “This experience, both professionally and personally, was highly rewarding.”