Study Session: ADV-ENT-ure!

Last week, a very special team gathered in Strasbourg to prepare one of our next activities: the Study Session “ADV-ENT-ure: Joint venture for ENTER ADVocacy!”.

Jointly organised by Youth Express Network and Youth Social Rights Network, this study session will be focused on increasing the capacities of youth councils to improve the access on social rights for young people and the implementation of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2015)3 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

The “Recommendation CM/Rec(2015)3 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights” is a legal text which proposes a number of measures which can be implemented by local, regional or national authorities to support young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods and help them get access to their social rights.

While helpful for all young people for accessing social rights, these proposals can have a greater impact on young people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods as they are most likely to experience violence, exclusion and discrimination.

The Study Session will have 3 main objectives:

  • To train youth workers and youth councils members on the Recommendation CM/REC(2015)3;
  • To reflect on the implementation of these Recommendations : What has already been done? What needs improving? What needs to start now in different realities?;
  • To increase the competences for advocating and draft plans and tools to improve the access of social rights and the implementation of the Recommendation CM/REC(2015)3 at local level.

ADV-ENT-ure will be an opportunity for its participants to improve their knowledge and understanding of social rights and to find new ways of addressing social rights challenges in different realities. It is addressed to youth workers and national and local youth councils representatives.

The call for participants is now open!
Join our adventure for ENTER ADVocacy!

Deadline 15th of August 2017

This Study Session is supported by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe