“Voice it” training course in Groznjan (Croatia)

From the 30th of August to the 8th of September, 15 young people gathered in Groznjan (Croatia) for an activity around a topic: digital storytelling. They learned a lot about digital tools, how to write stories but more importantly how to tell their story.

On spot, we were hosted by our member organisation Jeunesses Musicales Croatia who works with youth through arts.

During 8 working days, the participants also learned about human nature, about cultural differences and the power of empathy.

Read the pedagogical report here!

To express his feeling about this week, one participant wrote the following poem :

“Since I was born I always knew
That I`ll get to meet some of you
We learn to laugh, we learn to speak,
We learn to choose the life we live
The roads of life strange as they seem
But don`t worry, we`ll all be redeemed
At some point we`ll all grow up
Thirsting for the wisdom that we forgot
We`ll travel far, and travel deep
Untill we reach the step we seek
The road is rough you may even fall
But don`t worry… You`ll stand tall
When we`re young we`re full of love
We let it free just like a dove
It goes… it strikes a pleasant note
In the hearth that you would want
So I tell you this boys and girls
Let loose your doves in all the world !
At some point we`ll all be old,
Spreading the beautiful memories that we hold
I`ve seen so many… Been so far…
But this love HERE is for you…
in GROZNJAN !!!”

By Iasmin Scundea (Nevo Parudimos, Romania)

Check these 3 articles written by participants from the project:

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Miruna Belba (Centrul de Voluntariat Resita, Romania) on the organisation’s website

Tim Baloche (Vocalsz, The Netherlands) for Y-E-N Newsletter (Y-E-N News – October 2016)

And check the videos that result from the training course, realised by the participants thanks to the expert Eleonora ZBANKE  – Dis Donc Production.