Digitalise it – Training course on digital storytelling

digital storytelling training course

Our Digital adventure “DIGITALISE IT” (KA2 Strategic Partnership – Exchange of Practices) continued in the beginning of July when 11 young people from 6 different countries gathered in Strasbourg. During 10 days, they learned together how to use digital storytelling and ended this powerful journey by telling their own story.

The training course for young people “Digitalise it” was the second activity of the long-term project of the same name. A first training, created for youth workers, had taken place in April. It aimed at getting familiar with tools and methods of digital storytelling in order to implement them in youth projects developed at local level.

This time addressed to Young People, the training course aimed at:

  • Creating a safe space for young people with fewer opportunities to reflect on their own life story, training them to storytelling techniques and media literacy and empowering them to show their potential;
  • Informing young people with fewer opportunities on their rights, empowering them to stand for these and helping them to find motivation to change;”

Our expert – also film director and coach – Leo Zbanke gave the participants the tools and technics to compose, write, record and film a story of their choosing, inspired by their own life experiences. Through the training, the participants got to learn about: the definition and theories of classical storytelling, photo, audio and video storytelling, script writing, storyboard, filming and editing. They also got the opportunity to experience VR storytelling (virtual reality) thanks to the intervention of Brigitte Wild. During the whole day, they got to try: theory, filming, editing and watching their own VR stories!

Virtual Reality expert

“DIGITALISE IT!” will continue until 2019 with a mid-term evaluation meeting of the partner organisations and 3 peer learning study visits to observe and learn from the implementation of some of the practices learnt during the project!


Partners: Active Bulgarian Society (Bulgaria), Youth Express Network (France), United Societies of Balkans (Greece), Affabulazione Associazione Culturale (Italy), The Exchangeables (The Netherlands), Youropia (Spain)

This project was supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union
and the Region Grand Est