Enriching Exploration in the Heart of Hungary: Testimonials from a Youth Exchange in Alsotold

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Along the tranquil paths of Hungary, in the peaceful village of Alsotold, our international youth exchange, “Ties Up! Reconnect youth post pandemic” with the Co-Efficient Association, took place. It was an August meeting where the energy of youth, hungry for discovery and sharing, merged into an unforgettable cultural melting pot. Among the participants, Marc and Lamyaa shared their impressions and unforgettable experiences.

  For Marc, it started a bit stressful. English wasn’t his strong suit, but magic happened quickly. He found his groove with everyone. He thoroughly enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly people. Lamyaa, on the other hand, was motivated and eager to explore new things with everyone in this beautiful setting.


This journey was a bit like a fascinating world tour of flavors, weaving through traditions and customs. The intercultural evenings were the highlight, where stories, exotic dishes, and bursts of laughter intertwined. Mark indulged in dishes from everywhere: Hungary, Azerbaijan, Italy, Morocco… a real feast! Lamyaa was captivated by traditional clothing and special recipes from every corner of the globe.


Among discussions and shared moments, some experiences left a lasting impression. Marc truly appreciated the session on opportunities in Europe. For Lamyaa, it was particularly the session named “My Community”. It changed her perspective and made her appreciate her life path and the people around her differently.


It wasn’t just an exchange of knowledge but also a personal adventure. Marc gained confidence speaking in front of everyone. Lamyaa discovered her ability to adapt to various situations.

The rural setting witnessed an authentic connection with nature. Initially disoriented by the remoteness, Marc was captivated by the raw beauty of the surrounding nature. Lamyaa, too, was charmed by this natural environment.


Marc and Lamyaa discovered with wonder some specific traditions in this region. For instance, the soup that accompanied every meal. There was also paprika paste used in many dishes, along with the delights of local bread. It was interesting to see how these elements were deeply embedded in daily life and local cuisine.


They had some enjoyable moments with the locals. Lamyaa got to know a lady working in a local food truck. It was a lively place where customers also gathered. It was also nice for Marc to get a glimpse of daily life and converse with the local people while enjoying the local specialties.

Lamyaa particularly appreciated the countryside experience, quite different from her previous experiences in cities or more cosmopolitan places. For her, in the countryside, one truly feels the authenticity of the country. Whereas in urban environments, due to globalization, things can sometimes feel similar everywhere.


This escapade in Alsotold was much more than just a trip. For these young people, it was like a big suitcase filled with incredible discoveries, unique moments, and encounters that opened wide the doors to the world’s richness.