Participation out of the Box! – Day 3

youth participation seminar

Our seminar “Participation out of the Box” is currently taking place in Oviedo, Spain! Today, our host Youropia took our group on 3 different field visit to meet with young people actively involved to change their society.

Youth Consultation of the EU Youth Dialogue

Before going on our field visits, the group got to try another system of participation : they expressed their opinion for the consultation on youth of the EU Youth Dialogue. Following a silent version of the ‘Open Space Technology’, everyone was invited to reflect and write their opinion to 4 questions:

  • What can we do at European level to make sure all young people from various backgrounds, including marginalised youth, are equally treated, protected, safe and secure in the workplace and the labour market of the future?
  • How quality youth work development can be supported with European level actions and measures? And what these measures should be?
  • What are the most important competencies that youth workers need for doing European / international youth work in order to support and work with youth and why?
  • What measures and actions can we take at European level to provide access to quality youth work for all?

Their answers will be transmitted to decision makers through the participation of Youth Express Network in the EU Youth Dialogue process.

Meeting with young volunteers

Later this morning, the participants got introduced to Silivia and Néstor, two young people currently volunteering towards the inclusion of Migrants. They got to hear about their involvement and learn how they support refugees in finding a job.

When young people unite

In the afternoon, the group met with AMA (Asamblea Moza d’Asturies), a group of young volunteers and activists, who work towards solving the issues Youth face in their region, mainly through organising manifestations and youth friendly events. The meeting was kindly hosted by Paraiso Local Creativo, an artistic collaborative space.

Supporting a Youth Initiative

To finish the day, the group joined an event fully organised at the initiative of a little group of young people: the Pride March of Avilés, a city near Oviedo. This very young Pride (2 years old), was entirely driven and organised by Kaleide, an organisation created by young people to promote diversity.

Fonds européen pour la jeunesse

This project was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union