Participation out of the Box! – Day 2

youth participation seminar

Day 2 of our seminar “Participation out of the Box” focused on defining two of the main concepts at the center of our annual programme: Youth Participation and Vulnerable Youth.

What is Youth Participation?

The first session of the day allowed the participants to think about youth participation and understand it with more depth. They started this reflection by brainstorming together on their definition of civic participation. After gaining more knowledge about youth participation, the participants watched a set of videos showing impactful youth initiatives and young activists currently involved in changing their society.

Who is Vulnerable Youth?

Divided in two groups, the participants explored the meaning of “Vulnerable Youth”, by reflecting together on 4 questions: What does Vulnerable mean?; What does it mean to be Vulnerable?; What are Vulnerable groups and why are they Vulnerable? How to identify Vulnerable young people? After the reflections, each group shared their conclusions.

My story of Youth Participation

Sometimes even the simplest act already is a form of participation. During this session, the participants were asked to recall one of their own participation story and draw a scene representing their action. From helping solving a local deforestation issue to taking part in a European exchange, they got to share their experiences and realise how diverse and efficient alternative youth participation can be.

Why do we need Youth Participation?

For the last session of the day, the participants were divided in 4 smaller groups. They were invited to imagine and film a video promoting Youth Participation. You can see one of the four videos that were produced here bellow.

Fonds européen pour la jeunesse

This project was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union