Take a Way Box! – Day 2

youth participation

Second and last day of our evaluation meeting “Take a Way Box!”, our project on youth participation: time to look back at what happened, reflect, evaluate the work plan, and plan for the future!

evaluation meeting

Back to the future

During the first session of the day, the participants were split in 6 different groups in order to reflect on their participation to the work plan “Shake the Box!”. Through a World Café, they were invited to answer 6 questions and share their experiences and conclusions on Youth Participation: What impact did your action have on the community? How was the collaboration between youth/youth workers/stakeholders? ; What advice would you give to a person/team working on a similar activity?; How did the action impact you in a personal/professional level?; What are you most proud of?; What are the future plans of your NGO?

evaluation meetingOpportunities

In order to give the participants informations on financial opportunities and help them concretize their ideas of Youth Participation, the second session focused on presenting two of our financial supporters. Céline Guth for the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe introduced the Foundation and the various grants and opportunities that are available to fund youth initiatives. The team of facilitators then introduced several opportunities delivered by the European Union such as the Erasmus+ programme or the European Solidarity Corps.

take a way boxAdvocacy and Communication

The afternoon started with a session on the different communication tools that can be used as a way to advocate for young people. Margaux Dos Santos, Communication Officer of Youth Express Network, shared with the group the communication strategy of the network. She also gave a recap of the various communication strategies that were used during the work plan “Shake the Box!”, by the network and the various youth organisations involved in the project. At the end of the session, the participants shared their own tips and good practices on communication, creating together a Communication Toolbox.

evaluation meetingEvaluation and closing

The last session aimed at evaluating the meeting and the work plan through various forms and methods. Certificates were given in a warm closing ceremony and the participants shared a Farewell evening.

The evaluation meeting “Take a Way Box!” marked the end of our year-long work plan “Shake the Box! – Alternative ways of participation”.

Thanks to the work and involvement of 22 different youth organisations coming from 16 different countries, we proved together that youth participation is happening right now, all over Europe, and that it can take many forms: 21 youth initiatives were implemented and 2 are currently in progress; the actions addressed major issues and topics such as the environmental crisis, social inclusion or education!

This work plan succeeded in showing the issues that young people feel concerned about and the will they share to have a positive impact on their community and change their realities! Youth participation IS real, efficient and promising! 


Fonds européen pour la jeunesse

This project was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe 
and the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union