Open Space for Youth – Preparatory meeting

open space for youth

Youth Express Network flew to Tunisia in the beginning of October for the first youth meeting of “Open Space for Youth”, a special twin-city-partnership between the cities of Menzel Bourguiba – Stuttgart – Strasbourg.

The preparatory meeting “Open Space for Youth” took place between the 2nd – 6th of October of 2019 in Menzel Bourguiba, Tunisia. It gathered 20 young people coming from 3 organisations: Stadtjugendring Stuttgart (Germany), coordinator of the project, التبادل Attabedol (Tunisia), and Youth Express Network (France).

This work results from a Euro-Mediterranean cooperation between the three twin cities Stuttgart, Strasbourg and Menzel-Bourguiba. It aims at promoting youth participation, citizenship and solidarity through the transformation of a public square dedicated to cultural and sports events for young people in the city of Menzel-Bourguiba.

This first activity aimed at preparing two youth exchanges and a seminar for youth professionals that will take place in 2020.

This meeting was supported by the OFAJ DFJW