“Localise it” Study Visit in Dordrecht

On this last week of March, “ Localise it: Study visit on local youth initiatives”, first activity of this year Y-E-N Work Plan “Angle it right” took place in Dordrecht in the Netherlands.

A total of 26 participants coming from 13 different European countries gathered for a study visit on local youth initiatives in the Netherlands. It focused on the access to social rights of young people and their active participation in their communities and in particular with the use of innovative technologies.

During this study visit, youth workers as well as young people with fewer opportunities from very different horizon got the chance to:

  • share about the situations of young people in their own countries
  • meet youth workers from Dordrecht who work on radicalisation
  • meet the Municipality which works on storytelling with people in the streets through a project called « Generation/D »
  • meet the National Youth Council with its project « Extraordinary Me » financing young people’s initiatives to help someone else
  • workshop with a partner organisation Roots & Routes which works on cultural and social diversity through arts
  • workshop with the member organisation The Exchangeables which works on social media with youngsters in order to convey a message : we took videos and pictures in the streets of Dordrecht to spread the message « Dordrecht is youth friendly » (see below)
  • self-reflection on the participants’ lives and input on the storytelling method
  • reflection on an Action Plan to implement in their communities back home

All in all, this week was an interesting opportunity for those 26 participants to discover new cultures, new people, to share their experience (their difficulties but also their wonderful achievements) and to consider their lives and work from a new perspective.

Read the pedagogical report here!

Have a look at the video that results from the creative workshop led by our member and host organisation The Exchangeables thanks to the expertise of Pathos Studios & Quine Brown: