Take ownership of the priorities of the of the Erasmus+ program.

Our Acting Secretary-General was able to participate in the July 4, 2022 training that took place in Metz, France. The training: “Getting to grips with the priorities of the
Erasmus+ and objectives of the key action 2 in the youth sector” During this one-day training we could deepen our knowledge of the attribution points concerning the Erasmus+ grants linked to the objectives of the key action 2.

The training was divided into 3 parts:

1. Identify and present the target audience of your project and the response to their needs.

2. Respond to the priorities of the Erasmus+ program through the objectives and activities of its project.

3. Define a communication, dissemination, and sustainability strategy for the project.

In order for these 3 themes to be implemented, it is necessary to stay close to 4 pillars:
Design and implementation

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