Youth Action Week

What a joy for the Youth Express Network to have been able to participate in the Council of Europe Youth Action Week
The latter took place from June 28 to July 1, 2022 and is part of the new campaign of the Youth Department – Council of Europe”Democracy Here, Democracy Now”.
During the week, we contributed among the 4, to the following theme: “real youth participation”

A. Revitalising democracy and access to rights
B. Meaningful youth participation
C. Digitalisation
D. Youth Peace Conference

Coordinated by NATALIA CHARDYMOVA (Council of Europe Youth Department),
KATERINA ZEZIULINA (trainer) and ALICE BERGHOLTZ (Preparatory Group)
With opening inputs from:

• MIRIAM TEUMA, Chair of the Joint Council for Youth (Council of Europe)
• ABID BADIL, Member of the Chamber of Councillors of the Parliament of Morocco
• ANAS MAJJAD (Ambition jeunesse)

And then facilitated by Tamar (Tako) TSATSKRIALASHVILI in
“The role of youth work in removing barriers to participation”.
Find out soon the 50 recommendations made during this week
More information via the link: HERE

#Action4Change #YouthEmpowerment #ForYouthRights